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Farewell Transmission.

I always said I would keep doing my work at as long as it remained fun.

In the past couple of seasons it has become progressively less and less fun.

So, like a pair of my basketball writing heroes did before me - Jake Wilson and Kyle Whelliston - I'm stepping away for a while.

Content will cease to be added regularly here when this year's current subscriptions expire on October 1, 2013. With only a few days left until the end of that period, I can now make this announcement.

As for the future, I plan on keeping my press credential in the case that I am inspired to write the occasional larger picture "think piece" during the season.

You'll still see me at a number of games, especially at Jadwin Gym, and I very much want to get to my 200th consecutive Ivy League contest!

Both Stephen Goldsmith and Robert Solomon have shown interest in photographing occasionally for the site and I'd welcome that.

There may also be a guest columnist here from time to time.

In the next couple of weeks the pay wall on the site will come down and everyone will be able to explore's full, rich history - something of which I am exceptionally proud.

Perhaps, like Jason Molina sings in the above song, I'll be "gone, but not forever." I'm leaving the door ajar for a return, though I can't promise when that might be - if at all.

I'm looking forward to this significant change in my daily routine, to unsubscribing from a bunch of RSS feeds, canceling a healthy number of Google Alerts and disconnecting from the world I've fully immersed myself in for so long.

It has been incredible running this site in various iterations since 1998. I've been able to do everything I ever hoped I could do, interview everyone I always wanted to talk with growing up watching Princeton basketball and most of all I'm pleased with the community we were able to build here together.

I've been awed by your support, friendship and good will over the years. Just because I am not going to be updating a web site's content regularly does not mean those feelings change. I'm excited about filling my late nights and early mornings with other pursuits, but a part of me will always care deeply about Princeton basketball and for those who love it the way I do.

Thank you.


Jon Solomon

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