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Penn pictures.

Photos from today’s game courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Princeton honored four seniors before the Penn game. Here's center Pawel Buczak with Tiger coach Sydney Johnson.

Zach Finley admires the framed photo he received...

...and holds it aloft to the crowd.

Co-captain Nick Lake and Coach Johnson.

Co-captain Marcus Schroeder and Coach Johnson, arm-in-arm.

Douglas Davis, who scored 16 in the first half.

Ian Hummer hangs on the rim after a slam.

Dan Mavraides goes to the scoop.

Some of this year's Seniors on a Stick, presented sans stick due to past splinter issues.

Schroeder on the sideline.

Zach Finley and facemask move to the basket.

Lake looks to feed the post.

Kareem Maddox seals off his man and goes high for the dunk.

Coach Johnson points.

Finley with an agape drive.

Someone is open.

Kareem Maddox misses his 15th three point shot in 16 tries.

Johnson and Finley have a conversation.

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