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Coach Joe Scott - 2/1/07.

interview audio - 24:59

After a week off over Princeton's exam break, head coach Joe Scott and editor Jon Solomon resumed their interview series. In the latest conversation the two look at Princeton's loss to Seton Hall following a sixteen day hiatus and preview this weekend's important matchups at Yale and at Brown.

Some of the topics discussed include:

-Coach Scott’s view of the Seton Hall game.

-Replacing Kyle Koncz’s personality on the floor.

-If in retrospect the players had grown to rely on Koncz more than Coach Scott realized.

-Whether Coach Scott is concerned about his team’s psyche following the Cornell and Seton Hall games.

-Attempting to explain why Princeton fell apart so suddenly the last two times they’ve played.

-Noah Savage’s performance versus Seton Hall and if Coach Scott got the “good four minutes” he had been looking for from Savage.

-If Kyle Koncz will play this weekend.

-The importance of the Yale game as a linchpin that could define the rest of this season.

-Craig Robinson’s job at Brown and how what he is running is similar and is different from what Princeton is doing.

-The type of defense Princeton expects to see this weekend.

-The final step the Tigers need to take to deal with backcourt pressure.

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