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Pictures of the Year.

I've been nothing short of thrilled with the work Stephen Goldsmith has done for this site over the past three years, but I think he outdid himself in 2009-10.

Stephen's images have helped enhance my game stories and analysis. His shots have given members unable to regularly attend Princeton contests a better understanding of specific situations involving this year's team and have often been the only pictures capturing many moments, both home and away.

As part of a series of posts reviewing this past season, I've hand-selected my favorite 15 photos Stephen took covering games for

It is a tribute to Stephen's talent that I hemmed and hawed all weekend trying to pair down over two dozen top choices to these selections.

Jon Solomon

Like what you see? You can always review the site's complete library of photo essays here.

Georgetown's Austin Freeman tries to call a time out versus Rutgers.

Pawel Buczak practices against a ghost defender during Princeton's 2009 Media Day.

Ian Hummer in disbelief.

Douglas Davis passes into your living room.

Brian Taylor watches a retrospective on his life with pride.

Dan Mavraides drives left versus St. Joe's.

Will Barrett attempts to leap over a Goucher defender.

The Hoyas huddle after player introductions at the Verizon Center.

Davis scrapes the roof of Jadwin Gym with a jumper.

Buczak fully extends his right hand for a hook shot.

Niko Scott's helpless look as Mavraides drives for a layup makes this photo for me.

Princeton huddles before their home game with Harvard.

Still hard to look at - Marcus Schroeder after the final buzzer of the Tigers' disappointing loss to Brown.

Maddox dunks with authority at Columbia.

larry said,

March 29, 2010 @ 1:50 pm

Jon, I get the feeling you, Schroeder & I see the Brown loss as the low point of the year.

Jon Solomon said,

March 29, 2010 @ 9:46 pm

Not necessarily a low point, but I think that there was a realization at the buzzer that the class of 2010 wasn't going to be able to catch Cornell in their last try of making the NCAAs.

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