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Thursday News:

Dick "Hoops" Weiss of the New York Daily News is reporting that Columbia coach Joe Jones will step down to become an assistant at Boston College. The Columbia Spectator says this is just speculation.

Penn assistant John Gallagher is confirmed as leaving Philadelphia to join Steve Donahue's staff.

Chris Mooney was a guest on Inbounds with Mac McDonald on Tuesday. Listen to hear what he had to say.

Bill Reynolds at the Providence Journal reviews Craig Robinson's book.

College Insider has a 65 slot bracket to determine America's Best Dressed Coach. Sydney Johnson is a seven seed in the East. John Thompson III and Chris Mooney are also in the running.

There's a Princeton Alumni Weekly story on the Tigers' season finale against Penn.

Do you remember how, on the eve of his first game as a head coach, Sydney Johnson gave a lecture entitled "The Challenge of Adding to the Legacy of Princeton Basketball"? You can stream this talk in its entirety here. There is also video available on this page from a talk by one of the team's Academic Fellows, Hal Feiveson.

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