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Friday News:

Cornell has their man. Virginia Tech assistant Bill Courtney is the new head coach of the Big Red. Look for a press conference today at 3:00 pm ET.

Pete Carril analyzes the Sacramento Kings' season before heading home to Princeton.

Another perspective on the Georgetown banquet from

Two recruiting updates off of Twitter: 7'1" Lawrenceville School center Mat Piotrowski has decided on a school and a local guard who Princeton had been interested in will head to the Patriot League to play soccer.

CBS and Turner have won the bidding war for the NCAA Tournament, which will expand to 68 teams next season. No word on if the presumed four play-in games will include the eight lowest seeds or eight teams on the bubble.

Gregg Lange said,

April 23, 2010 @ 11:14 am

The NCAA gets about one chance a decade to fix its bracket screw-ups, and this is it. The ignominy of the 64/65 game is now mercifully over, and the opportunity arises to show the nation what big-hearted, warm, fuzzy folks the power conferences are. [insert chuckle].

Simply placing the bottom eight seeds in the play-in puts OVER 1/4 OF ALL CONFERENCE CHAMPS in the preliminaries. I can't imagine this kind of denigration is acceptable even to the avaricious Big XII and SEC. They're going to get their added participation money, that really should allow them the luxury to at least appear generous while they shovel the cash in. The preliminary round needs to be among the lowest eight at-large seeds.

Otherwise, this year's Tuesday night grovelfest would have included (8 of 9) Lehigh, UCSB, Vermont, North Texas, E Tenn State, Morgan State, Ark-Pine Bluff, Winthrop and Robert Morris. I doubt those ratings would make Turner very happy.....

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