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Monday News:

Columbia has selected Kyle Smith from St. Mary's as their new head coach. Smith is close with Richmond coach Chris Mooney, as they were both assistants at Air Force under Joe Scott in 2000-01.

When Smith was up for the Hawaii job in March, Mooney said Smith "is the smartest man in college basketball. I think he has the best feel and overview of basketball programs and coaching of anyone I've ever met." High praise.

All eight Ivy coaching positions are now filled.

Columbia - Kyle Smith (2010)
Dartmouth - Paul Cormier (2010)
Cornell - Bill Courtney (2010)
Penn - Jerome Allen (2010)
Brown - Jesse Agel (2008)
Princeton - Sydney Johnson (2007)
Harvard - Tommy Amaker (2007)
Yale - James Jones (1999)

Sunday's rehab start by Chris Young in San Antonio went poorly. Young allowed five earned runs, surrendered four straight walks and could not make it out of the first inning.

Those of you with access to Princeton Alumni Weekly's Class Notes should check out the piece on page 36 about Class of '35 scholarship holder and Tiger freshman center Brendan Connolly.

Here's video from Craig Robinson's most recent appearance on Jim Rome Is Burning.

Robinson is also the subject of pieces in the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Barometer.

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