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Details on the 2010-11 home schedule?

I accidentally stumbled across a series of listings for 2010-11 Princeton athletic events on-line. Included in that calendar were three home men's basketball games and dates for all six weekend Ivy League contests at Jadwin Gym.

Assuming that this information published on a Princeton University web site is correct, a potential taste of the 2010-11 schedule can be found after the jump!

Friday, November 12 vs. Rutgers - 7:00 pm ET
Saturday, December 4 vs. St. Joe's - TBA pm ET
Wednesday, January 5 vs. Marist - 7:00 pm ET

Friday, January 28 vs. Brown - 7:00 pm ET
Saturday, January 29 vs. Yale - 6:00 pm ET
Friday, February 4 vs. Harvard - 7:00 pm ET **
Saturday, February 5 vs. Dartmouth - 6:00 pm ET **
Friday, February 25 vs. Cornell - 7:00 pm ET
Saturday, February 26 vs. Columbia - 6:00 pm ET

** There are also women's games listed on these dates, but without set start times.

Despite rumors to the contrary that this series was ending in 2009, the upcoming season looks like it may open at home versus Rutgers. This could be the first game for new Scarlet Knights head coach Mike Rice.

If the schedule takes a similar form as last season, then the Marist game is the final contest before exams and the Ivy slate opens at home against Brown and Yale.

Should the other parts of the Ivy schedule also mirror 2009-10 like it does above, Princeton would visit Columbia and Cornell on 2/11/11 and 2/12/11, head up to Yale and then Brown on 2/18/11 and 2/19/11 and make a final road trip to Dartmouth and Harvard on 3/4/11 and 3/5/11.

Last year Princeton began Ivy play with four straight road games. This time out they'll have four of their first seven Ivy contests at home.

I know of two return away games tentatively scheduled for 10-11, so this would leave a minimum of nine additional non-conference games yet to be disclosed.

As of May 3rd Princeton was still looking to start at least two home/home series at Jadwin this season in either November and/or December.

Jon Solomon said,

May 11, 2010 @ 9:46 am

All of these listings (along with several women's basketball games) have been removed from Princeton's Public Events Calendar!

But, the listing is still cached here:

R.W. Enoch, Jr. said,

May 16, 2010 @ 5:11 pm

Looks like you've stumbled upon quite a conspiracy.

I am glad to see it's likely that the Rutgers series will continue and excited to hear about the rest of the schedule when it is revealed.

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