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Thursday News:

The NCAA has recognized Princeton and four other Ivy League men's basketball teams for "their exceptional work in the classroom as part of the NCAA’s academic performance program." Northwestern was also one of the 37 programs honored. You can see the 2009-10 Public Recognition Awards organized by school here.

The NCAA has also released 2009-10 Division I attendance numbers by school and by conference. Did you know the Ivy League saw an average increase of 182 people per game last season compared to a national DI change in average of -147?

Video of Will Venable and Tony Gwynn, Jr. playing a friendly game of P-I-G. Here's another clip, this of Venable making a full extension dive for a catch against the Astros.

Padres announcer Dick Enberg talks with Chris Young as part of his "Inside the Clubhouse" series.

Rodney Johnson said,

May 13, 2010 @ 10:33 am

It's the reverse Samson efffect: Venable can't shoot with hair on his head.

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