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Independence Day News:

Back strain has landed Will Venable on the 15 day disabled list retroactive to July 2nd.

The Kenner League kicked off yesterday in Washington, DC. I asked those in attendance to report back on the performances of the two Princeton players taking part. Here are a few lines on Ian Hummer from the first half of his first game.

Conor Neu is interviewed on the Princeton Athletic Department web site.

The Oregon State 2010-11 non-conference basketball schedule is taking shape.

Buried on the Gazelle Group web site are some fascinating promotional .pdfs for their clients, including Craig Robinson, Chris Mooney, Joe Scott and Mitch Henderson. It is interesting to see how each individual is marketed by their representation.

Harvard has "declared an unintentional secondary violation in connection with conversations in the summer of 2007 between current Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Kenny Blakeney and members of the Harvard coaching staff that occurred before Mr. Blakeney was employed by Harvard."

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