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Thursday News:

Northwestern has an early jump on practicing, given 10 sessions to prepare for the Wildcats' trip to Italy later this month. Senior guard Michael "Juice" Thompson wants to ask Kevin Coble to consider returning to the team.

Going to Spain at the end of August, Joe Scott and Denver are halfway through their NCAA-allocated practices.

A senior big man who was planning to go the DIII route changed his plans when Temple offered him a scholarship, telling the Tri-Town News that Princeton's staff wanted him to take a post-grad year at a prep school.

Craig Robinson will speak at the Albany Area Oregon State fall sports kickoff barbecue on August 27th.

Bleacher Report argues why Chris Young's return needs to be to the San Diego bullpen.

A diving catch by Will Venable (video) saved a run in the Padres' 1-0 win over the Cubs on Tuesday night.

Appalachian State will visit Georgetown on December 12th.

The Columbia basketball schedule has been unveiled.

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