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Bob Scrabis, New Jersey Net?

In October 1989, five months after playing his final game in Jadwin Gym, former Princeton guard Bob Scrabis returned to the Tigers' home court as a member of the New Jersey Nets training camp - postponing a trip to England after receiving an invitation from Nets GM Willis Reed.

Asked about Scrabis and Yale's Paul Maley '88, who was also in the Nets' camp, New Jersey head coach Bill Fitch told the Trenton Times: "I think it's great that they're here. I know that Bob, playing for the guy with the cigars, what's his name? Pete something? I know I won't have to teach him any fundamentals. I know he'll have been the best coached guy out there. They have a chance. They can obviously play, otherwise they wouldn't be here."

Scrabis strained his hamstring on the second day of camp and was waived nine days later.

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