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Small moments.

Small moments, in nonsequential order, collected over three days and nights at Madison Square Garden:

-Coach Thompson walking down the line and giving a fist pound to every one of his players, the student managers and even the Georgetown mascot before the playing of the national anthem.

-The drunk Georgetown fan in the Jeff Green jersey who was whisked past me by security for trying to run on the court immediately after the Hoyas won the Big East Tournament championship.

-This same fan showing up in my life a second time an hour later, surprised to discover shortly after being released that the same man who arrested him was in his train car as both made their way back to New Jersey.

-The drunk fan's friend trying to buy my media credential, thinking it would get him in to the NCAA Tournament.

-A sign that read "Roy Hibbert got my cat out of a tree."

-Jonathan Wallace's head shake of bemusement after banking in his first three point shot on Saturday.

-Villanova booing the Georgetown's commercial and Georgetown booing Villanova's commercial when each played on the jumbotron during a media time out.

-Waiting three days for anyone to sit in the two press row seats next to mine reserved for the NY Times style section. Is Paul Lukas branching out?

-A sign that read "Only one man can stop Jeff Green...and Levon Kendall is not Jack Bauer."

-Spotting three different former Princeton players in the stands behind the Georgetown basket.

-Celtics coach and former New York Knick Doc Rivers trying to talk his way past two MSG security guards to use the media bathroom, eventually explaining that the reason he knew the guard who sent him their way in the first place was because he used to play basketball in the building.

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