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Memories of Marvin?

Princeton Alumni Weekly Photograph Collection

As some of you are already aware, for the past month I have been interviewing individuals about Professor Marvin Bressler, who passed away on July 6th at the age of 87 after a long illness.

Having already taped pieces with 30+ coaches, friends and former players, I hope to eventually speak to every branch of the Princeton basketball tree and record their anecdotes.

I mention this because while there are many boldface names who have stories about Professor Bressler to share, I've reached the point in my work where I'm comfortable making a public appeal for "Marvin Stories."

I think of Marvin as such an incredible storyteller and I never had the chance to record his stories before he passed away so I am trying to paint a detailed picture of the man through other people's personal recollections as well as the tales that he took such pleasure in recounting repeatedly.

If you are reading this and you have any memories from your time with Professor Bressler you would like to share I'd certainly be curious to talk with you. Emails can be sent here.

I also welcome any and all suggestions of people to try and speak with.

Jon Solomon

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