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Princeton Tigers on Twitter?

While Princetonians haven't taken to Twitter with the same zeal of their conference rivals at Cornell and Harvard or the constantly-posting Hoyas of Georgetown, there are still a decent number of former, current and future Tigers using this popular real time micro-blogging service.

I've assembled a comprehensive list of orange and black Twitter users after the jump. If you know of anyone I'm missing, please let me know and I'll add them to the list ASAP. Many of these accounts are inactive or rarely used, but click away.

While you're networking socially you can always follow this site on the Twitter.

Will Barrett
Jon Berger
T.J. Bray
John Comfort
Justin Conway
Douglas Davis
Brian Earl
Ahmed El-Nokali
Brian Elbogen
Brian Fabrizius
Bobby Garbade
Steve Goodrich
Scott Greenman
Sean Gregory
Lincoln Gunn
Ben Hazel
Mitch Henderson
Matt Henshon
Darren Hite
Max Huc
Denton Koon
Nick Lake
Kareem Maddox
Dan Mavraides
Randy Melville
Steve Mills
Conor Neu
Luke Owings
Craig Robinson
Jesse Rosenfeld
Michael Rudoy
Patrick Saunders
Noah Savage
Jimmy Sherburne
Michael Strittmatter
Judson Wallace
Clay Wilson
Zach Woolridge

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