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Interview - Coach Sydney Johnson.

interview audio - 17:05

New Princeton men's basketball coach Sydney Johnson and editor Jon Solomon met early this morning at Jadwin Gym to talk for the first time about Coach Johnson's first three weeks on the job. Johnson and Solomon discussed a variety of subjects in this interview. Some of the topics they talked about include:

-If the events of the last month have finally sunk in.

-How much Coach Johnson has seen of Princeton over the past three seasons. Before the first workouts he held with the team, how much did he know much about the individual players he inherited?

-What the workouts Coach Johnson conducted immediately after his press conference showed.

-In a program with a storied and intertwined history, how does Coach Johnson keep a connection to Princeton’s past while still creating his own identity?

-As someone intertwined with this history over the last 15 years, does that put Coach Johnson in a unique position moving forward?

-Coach Johnson’s defensive philosophy.

-The type of players Coach Johnson wants to come to Princeton.

-If there have been any additions to Coach Johnson’s staff.

-Prior to his hiring, did Coach Johnson know assistant coach Tony Newsom well?

-Last summer many players stayed around Princeton. With so little time to work together, is that something Coach Johnson would like to see happen again this year?

-Does inheriting a nearly complete schedule make Coach Johnson’s job easier?

-If Princeton has named its captains for next season.

-Coach Johnson’s thoughts on the proposed change to the distance of the three point line.

-Does Coach Johnson expect to be at Princeton for longer than his three predecessors?

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