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Tuesday News:

The 2011 KenPom projections are out. I love these sorts of numbers and can't wait to see how things look after there is some offensive and defensive data to input.

Bleacher Report ranks Princeton #23 in its Mid-Major Top 25.

Yes, I know there are also several pre-season "bracketology" links out there. I just can't bring myself to post NCAA tournament projections in early November.

The first Ivy League Men's Basketball Weekly Release of the season has been published.

Thanks to Ballin Is A Habit for including this site's Twitter feed in their Social Media Must-Follow Database.

North By Northwestern demystifies both Northwestern's offense and their defense.

Bill Carmody is confident he will sign a contract extension with the Wildcats.

Also confident? Oregon State heading into 2010-11.

Am I the last to discover that former Princeton players Nick Lake, Jason Briggs and Max Huc have a (heavy on the Auto-Tune) band? Download their free mixtape here.

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