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Senior on a Stick: Jason Osier.

At Jadwin Gym on Friday night, a reader of this site handed me a stack of Princeton Seniors on a Stick that had been gathering dust in his garage. Along with duplicates of many favorite Tigers was one poster I hadn't been aware of previously: Jason Osier.

Osier was a two sport athlete at Princeton who played varsity basketball in 1993-94, 1994-95 and with the 1996-97 undefeated Ivy League champions. He was also a member of the men's lacrosse team.

Here is an update to the definitive list of SOAS that were printed:

M. Schroeder, Z. Finley, P. Buczak, N. Lake (2010)
M. Strittmatter, J. Briggs (2009)
N. Savage, K. Koncz, K. Steuerer, M. Sargeant, Z. Woolridge (2008)

E. Persia (2004)
M. Henderson, S. Gregory, S. Goodrich, J. Mastaglio, D. Hite (1998)
S. Johnson, J. Osier (1997)
M. Eastwick, C. Marquardt, S. Jackson (1992)
K. Mueller, T. Hottenstein, M. Henshon, J. Doyle (1991)
M. Lapin (1990)

While I have pictures of them I'm missing a Jimmy Lane and a George Leftwich for a complete collection. My guess is that a Chris Doyal SOAS was never issued because of the tie at the end of the Ivy slate between Princeton and Penn.

Any others?

All 1990-2004 Seniors on a Stick printed and distributed by The 14 Club at the final home game of an Ivy League championship season to honor that year's senior class. has picked up this tradition for the final home game of all Princeton seasons.

Gregg Lange said,

November 17, 2010 @ 2:16 pm

Wiping off my memory cobwebs here, but I think Jason Osier was on the list for a while -- you out there, dude?

He's semi-famed for playing both sports on the same day

and was a co-captain of the 1997 lax team, the best in the US in the decade of the '90s to my mind. I doubt many other folks have won letters on two undefeated Ivy champ teams in the same year.

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