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Lafayette pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy of Stephen Goldsmith.

Team huddle.

Douglas Davis predicts how many three pointers he'll make tonight.

Dan Mavraides.

Coach Sydney Johnson in the distance.

T.J. Bray.

Kareem Maddox battles inside.

Brendan Connolly looks to throw an entry pass.

Mack Darrow fires from outside.

Mavraides is guarded on the perimeter.

Patrick Saunders.

Assistant coaches Tony Newsom and Brian Earl.

Ian Hummer scores on a reverse.

Connolly with the ball.

Mavraides fires.

Maddox with a one-handed hook pass.

Will Barrett at the free throw line.

Ditto Chris Clement.

Coach Johnson looking stern.

Sometimes it gets lonely in the stands.

Coco said,

December 1, 2010 @ 9:47 am

Nice pics.

But also want to re-post a Tweet that came in Tuesday night, regarding the performance of a future Tiger:

2011 commit Clay Wilson had 47 points for Lincoln Christian in his first game of the season.

Thanks to his fans in Tulsa, OK for sharing this report. That's a nice game and augurs well for the future, even as we anticipate continued improvement from the 2010-11 team.

Gregg Lange said,

December 1, 2010 @ 12:53 pm

Not the most crucial item of the day, but you have to love this year's wonderful old-school road unis. I'd even like it if they did away with the white piping on the sides, but with Nike miracles take a bit longer. And of course I'm a relic.

The unis also make the white MARV stand out magnificently. God bless him.

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