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Northeastern pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

Team huddle.

Kareem Maddox.

Brendan Connolly sandwiched between two Northeastern players at the free throw line.

Maddox eyeing the ball.

Patrick Saunders.

Kendrick Saunders, no relation.

Ian Hummer soars to the rim.

Douglas Davis tries to covert a mid-range jumper.

Sydney Johnson pleads to Mavraides.

Kareem Maddox looks to go baseline.

Mavraides, dribbling.

A Maddox jumper is contested.

Princeton shows zone on defense.

Maddox mid-dunk.

Maddox post-dunk.

Coach Johnson and assistant coach Martin Bahar wave to a couple in the stands as they leave the floor.

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