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Updated Plus/Minus numbers.

With the DI portion of Princeton's non-conference schedule complete, the Tiger athletic department was nice enough to update this season's plus/minus numbers.

The first chart shows the number of minutes played across the first 15 games this season and the difference in points scored by Princeton while each player was on the floor versus points allowed by the Tigers during the same span.

I've also broken down +/- per 40 minutes for all players who have seen at least 100 minutes of action and added Net/40 numbers ("Roland Rate") with inspiration from Hoya Prospectus.

Player            Minutes           +/-
Davis             534:08            +84 
Hummer            469:25            +80
Mavraides         511:20            +68
Maddox            466:57            +45
Saunders          316:35            +23
Connolly          251:11            +11
Comfort           1:19              +3
Edwards           1:23              +3
Clement           11:45             +2
Darrow            272:04            -3
Foley             3:11              -3 
Hazel             4:00              -2
Barrett           36:10             -16
Sherburne         22:41             -24
Bray              181:35            -40

Princeton has scored 1062 points to date, allowing 1014 points.

Individual single game highs and lows remain unchanged: Mack Darrow was +21 versus Bucknell. Ian Hummer and Mack Darrow were each -34 at Duke.

While Hummer's +42 was the biggest increase, the largest swing into the black is Patrick Saunders' -16 to a +23.

The most successful lineup combination?

Douglas Davis, Dan Mavraides, Ian Hummer, Brendan Connolly and Patrick Saunders, who were +34 in 84:14 together.

The least successful five?

Still Maddox, Mavraides, Hummer, Connolly and T.J. Bray, combining to go -19 in 9:40 of play. They only scored four total points while on the floor as a group, allowing 23.

The combination that has played the most together remains Maddox, Davis, Mavraides, Hummer and Darrow. Over 104:29, they're +20 and have scored 196 of the team's points (18.6%) as a unit.

Plus/minus divided by 40 minutes for the regular eight player rotation:

Hummer +6.82
Davis +6.28
Mavraides +5.32
Maddox +3.95
Saunders +2.91
Connolly +1.75
Darrow -0.44
Bray -8.81

Net/40 ("Roland Rate") numbers:

Davis +23.1
Hummer +15.3
Mavraides +12.7
Maddox +3.1
Saunders -0.4
Connolly -2.3
Darrow -6.3
Bray -16.8

If you want to compare these numbers with ten games in, you can do so here.

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