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Assorted programs.

Simple math: Exam break x snow = a morning spent scanning old Princeton programs.

Above, Chris Mooney, Laura Leacy and Mike Brennan. This game was played four days after the 25th anniversary of Jadwin Gym's opening.

Seven additional covers follow the jump, plus details about a few of these games.

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Jesse Rosenfeld. Interesting that the officiating crews for both of the weekend's games are listed in the program, something that would never happen now.

Another doubleheader. That's Andrea Razi in the upper right, a freshman Sydney Johnson in the bottom left.

Mitch Henderson. There's a Mark Eckel piece in this program about Henderson's father passing away earlier in the season and another about Carril's induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

I was on tour with a band from Chicago who conveniently happened to be playing in Princeton that Friday night (wonder who booked the show?).

The Tigers won 57-55 on two late Steve Goodrich free throws, then a wide-open Keith Stanton layup attempt for Dartmouth missed at the buzzer.

Junior point guard Mike Brennan, snarling.

Wish this one wasn't so beat up - sophomore Matt Henshon.

Junior forward Chris Mooney. There's an excellent Charlotte Observer story about Pete Carril reprinted inside. Some choice lines:

Play stops when coach Pete Carril wails, rapidly: "Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo..."

Carril, 61, says whistles are for "drill sergeants, cops, men hunting women and trains," and yos are "John Wayne style."


"It's going to be a rough year...for Hannibal it was the Alps; for Napoleon it was Waterloo; for Lee it was Gettysburg; for Hitler it was Salingrad; for Princeton basketball, it's 1992-93."


"I'm not that far away from that wooden box they put people in. So what you do is try to find some happiness in life."


"I always work hard and think it can be done, no matter how pessimistic I say I am. My motto is talk like a pessimist and work like an optimist."

One more from Brennan's senior season. The game was the last at Jadwin for Brennan and fellow seniors Chris Mooney, Nobert Valis and Chris Yetman. The Tigers won 70-49.

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