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Marvin at the Boathouse.

As some readers know, I've been working on a book about late Princeton professor Marvin Bressler since the summer. I've interviewed 60+ different individuals for their stories of Professor Bressler.

In my research I've uncovered many incredible things that I look forward to someday sharing with you, but one critical missing piece is a recording of Professor Bressler's speech from February 21, 2009 at the Princeton Boathouse.

There were hundreds in attendance at this reception honoring Pete Carril the same evening "Carril Court" was dedicated, but I have been unable to find anyone who taped Marvin's incredible improvised remarks about his friend.

Several have cited what Marvin said that night as one of his finest moments. If you have any leads, cameraphone footage or remembrances of what was said I would like very much to talk with you.

It seems impossible in this electronic age that Professor Bressler's words have vanished into the ether without documentation and I'm hopeful visitors to this site can help my search.


Jon Solomon

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