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TCNJ pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Stephen Goldsmith.

Douglas Davis, please don't look behind you.

Jimmy Sherburne.

Christian “Crunch” Regulski remains undefeated when joining Princeton on the bench.

Dan Mavraides.

Kareem Maddox inside.

Mack Darrow needs a shave.

Coach Sydney Johnson.

Will Barrett, about to be fouled.

Brendan Connolly.

Ben Hazel.

Hummer skies for a hook.

Will Barrett launches.

T.J. Bray and Tony Newsom on the bench.

Maddox is fouled going up.

Tom Noonan batting for position.

Barrett and Johnson in discussion.

Bobby Foley hands the ball off.

Noonan tries a trey.

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