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Items I've been meaning to scan.

A friend donated a stack of contributions for my Princeton basketball collection. While they've been sitting at the front of my home since before I drove down to James Madison, I didn't get a chance to scan them until today.

Click on any and all images to enlarge.

Above you'll see a program with Mason Rocca '00 on the cover. This weekend would be the final pair of home games for Rocca as a Tiger and would also serve as the last Jadwin appearances for both Chris Young and Bill Carmody, though nobody knew that at the time.

Rocca was unable to play either night due to injury, but did will himself into 25 minutes when the Tigers visited Penn State in the NIT.

Chris Young. The profile of Young inside this program looks ahead to his junior and senior seasons at Princeton, two campaigns that never came.

On the back of the program, a pair of autographs. The smaller in red from junior forward Nate Walton and the larger in black from his father Bill Walton.

One of two Princeton games in the last 20 years I regret missing in person, but now I possess a program from it. The 50-49 Tiger comeback from down 27 at the Palestra.

A signed edition of Steve Goodrich's 1998 Senior on a Stick.

As a bonus, two random photographs. Here's the Princeton band at the Palestra in 2000.

Coach Carmody addresses C.J. Chapman, Nate Walton, Eugene Baah and Ahmed El-Nokali at Jadwin the same year.

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