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Wake Forest 61 Princeton 42.

My Bathroom with Rick Majerus - A play in one act
By Jon Solomon


Int. Media Men's Room - thirty minutes after the end of a basketball game.

JON SOLOMON enters the rest room from stage right. ESPN analyst RICK MAJERUS is already in the bathroom at the urinal.

Majerus: My fly is stuck. I'm not trying to flash you.

Solomon (entering stall): I didn't think you were, but thanks for the heads up!

Majerus: Greensboro Airport! Do you think I can make it there in thirty minutes?

Solomon: I'm from New Jersey. I don't know.

Marjerus: New Jersey? You covering Princeton?

Solomon: Yes.

Majerus: Those kids played their asses off tonight.

Solomon: Given that Greenman is hurt and Owings is sick...

Majerus (interrupting): In three years they'll challenge Penn for the Ivy title.

Solomon: Well, they're not as bad as they played against Monmouth but they're not as...

Majerus: Gotta go. See ya!

Rick Majerus quickly exits stage right.


Solomon: ...good as they were against... [trails off]


The end.

It is like Monmouth all over again.

Muggsy Bogues' retired jersey.

A comely lass watches Wake Forest warm up.

Because the Wake Forest students were on break, preteens in Demon Deacon cheerleading outfits entertained the crowd during time outs.

Should the same school that brought us Rodney Rodgers be allowed to have this much Krispy Kreme sponsorship?

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