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Because it had to happen: Live chat on Saturday.

Before Princeton and Harvard's Ivy League playoff on Saturday - starting at 2:00 pm ET - we're bringing back the live chat while we're already courtside in New Haven.

Check above to ask questions about the Tigers, get exclusive tidbits from Payne Whitney and temper your nervous energy with discussion of the Ivy League and the other teams in the Carril Cradle.

This chat is moderated, so it may take a moment or two for your comments and questions to appear.

Thanks in advance for taking part! You can check out an archive of our chat before Harvard/Princeton I between now and then.

David Lewis said,

March 12, 2011 @ 6:21 pm

Incredible basketball game. This team continues to amaze. It's especially great for the seniors. Harvard deserves an at-large bid. The difference in the game, ironically, was that Harvard, one of the best foul shooting teams in the country, missed six from the line while Princeton went 14-15. I'm glad that Princeton won the title this year because I don't think anyone beats Harvard next year.

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