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Video: What I saw.

I decided that win or lose, I'd film the final play of Saturday's playoff from my viewpoint behind the Princeton bench.

While I do remember involuntarily screaming "oh my god!" at the final buzzer, I don't recall yelping it 5X more times as the camera blacked out, strangers hugged strangers and people on Princeton's side of the gym ran up and down the aisles celebrating.

I'm not ashamed.

Stick through the darkness - a minute or so later I was able to hurdle a higher-than-I-realized barrier and get down on the floor to capture the scene. I'll most likely get this beautiful chaos up on YouTube in higher resolution later in the week but I wanted you to see the raw footage first - a lot of great moments can be found therein.

Coco said,

March 13, 2011 @ 4:08 pm

Looking forward to your footage.

Just watched The Game again in its entirety for the second time (the first time was a heart pumping "as it happened"). This time my blood pressure didn't get quite as high, but my heart was still pumping. Nice to hit the Pause icon when needed.

Thanks to all the YouTube postings, I've probably watched DD's final shot go through two dozen times today and it looks great each and every time.

As an aside, some Harvard fan is complaining that as DM was bringing the ball end with about 11 seconds left, he does in fact step on the end line. Can't be sure, he may have been looking at a ref re: a Timeout. But he then very clearly steps back behind the line before he actually throws the ball.
Watch it decide for yourself if the first step was a violation.

N.B. the action in question is the post-basket inbounds under the Harvard basket, NOT the Now Legendary final inbound to Davis under the Tiger basket. For that one, Dan was at least a foot behind the endline!

John Poole said,

March 13, 2011 @ 4:13 pm

Loved your video, John. Closest thing to actually being there.

I was watching ESPN3 on my computer. It was a poor hookup with many frozen images and delays. The last scene froze just as Princeton was preparing the final inbounds and I assumed that by the next time I saw the broadcast, the game would be over. Sure enough, a few seconds later I heard a lot of loud commotion and knew immediately that someone had won the game. The first person I saw in the wild crowd scene was one of the humorously-clad "Orange Men". THE GAME WAS OURS!

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