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Tuesday News:

Today's Game: Penn (12-18 / 7-6) vs. Princeton (6-22 / 3-10)
Location: Jadwin Gym - Princeton, NJ
Time: 7:00 pm ET
Radio: 103.3 fm WPRB
Series History: Penn leads 120-97.
Last meeting: Penn 70 Princeton 65 - 2/12/08.

Penn Princeton
9-8 Home Record 6-6
3-10 Away Record 0-13
267 RPI 327
281 Sagarin 297
282 Pomeroy 291
67.9 Points / Game 58.1
75.4 Points Allowed / Game 64.4
.430 FG% .425
.676 FT% .708
.321 3PT FG% .332
34.1 Rebounds / Game 28.0
11.5 Off. Rebounds / Game         8.5
13.8 Assists / Game 12.2
16.0 Turnovers / Game 14.2
4.1 Blocks / Game 2.0
Grandieri: 13.3 Points Finley: 10.1
Grandieri: 5.8 Rebounds Koncz: 4.8
Gaines: 3.7 Assists Gunn: 3.1
Eggleston: 0.8 Steals Schroeder: 1.4
Schreiber: 0.8 Blocks Finley: 1.0
Grandieri: .485 FG% (Min: 10 FGM) Briggs: .561
Eggleston: .833 FT% (Min: 10 FTM) Koncz: .851
Bernardini: .398 3PT FG% (Min: 10 3PTM)    Lake: .400

Two game previews, one in the Princeton Packet, the other in the Trenton Times.

Kareem Maddox and Zach Woolridge made the Honor Roll in the latest Ivy Weekly Men's Basketball Awards.

John Thompson III is profiled in the Hartford Courant.

Big Green Alert has an excellent interview with Chris Lincoln, author of "Playing The Game."

The New York Times reports that Harvard prize catch Frank Ben-Eze has reopened his recruiting. John Feinstein weighs in on the situation at Harvard.

Rodney Johnson said,

March 11, 2008 @ 9:00 am

I read the Feinstein article. So is it true that Harvard's ACADEMIC standards for its players are higher than Princeton's?????????

Stuart Schulman said,

March 11, 2008 @ 9:43 am

I am pretty sure tonight is the first time Princeton has played a basketball game on Daylight Saving Time (excluding summer European tours and the like).

In their Final Four year, clocks changed end of April.
Last year, when the clocks first changed in March, the last game was March 6.
This year is the first time the clock change was as late as the first week in November, and the first game was November 10.

So this would be the first.

Jon Solomon said,

March 11, 2008 @ 9:52 am


From the original New York Times piece:

To understand Harvard’s apparent change in philosophy, it is necessary to appreciate the complicated tap dance of Ivy League recruiting. Nearly every prospective Ivy player must meet a minimum on the Academic Index, a measuring tool that uses grade-point average, class rank and standardized test scores.

For example, a student with a 3.1 grade-point average and just over 1,560 out of a possible 2,400 on the SAT would register roughly a 171 on the Academic Index, the minimum score allowed by the Ivy League for athletes.

Two former Harvard assistant coaches, Bill Holden and Lamar Reddicks, said they adhered to even tougher standards under Coach Frank Sullivan. Last season’s team, they said, had an average of 206, the highest in the league by a significant margin. Sullivan, who in his 16 seasons won and lost more games than any other Harvard basketball coach, was fired after the season. Amaker did not rehire Holden and Reddicks.

Holden and Reddicks said that Harvard’s team index had to be 202. They said that essentially meant they could not recruit a player whose index was lower than 195, and they characterized Harvard’s standards as tougher than those of other Ivy programs.

Scalise said he expected Harvard to still have the highest index average among the Ivy members. It is not certain that all six of Amaker’s recruits will land on campus, and other recruits with better credentials could raise the index average.


David Lewis said,

March 11, 2008 @ 9:16 pm

After watching the Penn game tonight, I was surprised that Maddox did not get more minutes. Briggs was the best Tiger on the floor and I hope he gets to start next year. Too many missed foul shots. (I hope Finley takes thousands of foul shots before next season) Too many missed layups. There is nothing more exacerbating than a missed back door layup. Penn played great defense but were helped by the fact that the Tigers lack team speed. We need guards that can beat opponents off the dribble. Does Wil Venable have a brother? Here's too a great recruiting class and a better year next year.

Jon Solomon said,

March 11, 2008 @ 9:41 pm


What made Finley's 1-6 performance even more surprising is that he was 20-24 from the line in his last 10 games.


David Lewis said,

March 12, 2008 @ 12:20 am


Thanks for all your hard work and for your passion for Princeton basketball. These are difficult times for Tiger fans but you were always enthusiastic about the program and made me want to read about each game. This website is truly the best of its kind due to your efforts. I especially enjoyed the interviews. Thanks again. Until next year....

Jon Solomon said,

March 12, 2008 @ 12:26 am

Thanks, David! I've appreciated your comments this season and the fact that you've helped spur discussion after games. Time to get some rest. - JS

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