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Pictures of the Year.

This season a photographer captured the action at 34 different games, 28 of which were Stephen Goldsmith's fine work.

Picking favorite photos from 2010-11 shot by Stephen Goldsmith or Robert Solomon was not an easy task.

In his fourth season with the site, Stephen's images continued to help enhance my game stories and analysis. His visuals have given members unable to regularly attend Princeton contests a better understanding of specific situations involving this year's team and have often been the only pictures capturing many moments, both home and away.

I know I speak for many of us when I say I'm not sure what I'll do without him next season as he heads to Florida for college.

As I did a year ago, I've hand-selected my favorite photos Stephen and Robert took exclusively for

My editorial choices were even harder than the ones I had to make last season, the end result of lengthy review and great internal debate. Thus, I'm including 30 snapshots compared to last season's 15.

These are both the pictures of the year as well as the Pictures of the Year.

Jon Solomon

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There could have been a separate photo essay consisting solely of players about to be fouled from behind gazing skyward. Here's Brendan Connolly at Duke.

Kareem Maddox in deep concentration fades for a jumper versus Siena. The depth of field with Sydney Johnson on the left and an official on the right help frame the on-court action.

Patrick Saunders draws three defenders and drops a pass down. Very similar to this shot I came close to including.

There's a certain swagger to this solo picture of Douglas Davis I can't shake.

A rare bit of external happiness for John Thompson III after Georgetown's win over Villanova, pumping his fist to the Hoya students in the rafters.

Dan Mavraides and Coach Johnson embrace after the Kentucky game.

Ian Hummer down on the floor at Cornell.

Kareem Maddox stretches to try and block a Kyle Casey jumper.

A tribute to Christian "Crunch" Regulski on the Princeton bench at the first home game after his passing.

Ben Hazel drives angularly at Columbia, watched in the stands by a guy in a bright green shirt.

Orange dude.

Trade color for sepia tone and this could have run in a 1950s Indiana newspaper.

Mack Darrow passes to an unseen recipient.

Will Barrett pays tribute to "Crunch" on his right sneaker.

Jason Clark with a floating push versus Villanova.

The Princeton bench silently and solemnly watches Harvard celebrate.

While Kareem Maddox may be the most photographable Tiger, all long arms and interesting motions, nothing tops some of Ian Hummer's facial expressions.

Those arms of Maddox force Harvard into a shot clock violation.

Beautiful depth of field.

A concerned Mavraides drives against Duke.

There are five separate layers to this photo, six if you include the basketball.

A stoic assistant coach Tony Newsom.

To the senior captains go the glory.

Davis deep in thought in the Princeton locker room after the season's conclusion.

Penn is defeated. Mavraides is exhausted.

A Coaches vs. Cancer tribute from the Hoyas.

Maddox breaks out the finger roll.

Mavraides ties Siena at the buzzer.

Finally, here's Lawrence Schuler and "Crunch" at the season opener - which I chose over this pair of equally wonderful images: Vernon Bugg, "Crunch" & Coach Johnson and "Crunch" taking a photo of Johnson on the Princeton bench with his DS.

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