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Wednesday News:

A big day on the recruiting front for two schools: The best remaining prospect in ESPNU's Top 100 committed to Georgetown and two Indiana big men who both originally hail from Europe are heading to Northwestern.

A University Press Club piece titled "Why Sydney Johnson Left (And Why I Would Have, Too)" is sure to get you to click through.

I was unaware that former Princeton and current Georgetown basketball office assistant Mary Jane Cratty was retiring until I read summaries of Coach Thompson's tribute to her at last night's Hoya banquet. They're going to be lost without you at McDonough, but you knew that already.

Chris Young wouldn't be surprised if a specific individual became the next head coach of the Tigers.

Resisting overtures from Miami, Tommy Amaker will stay at Harvard.

The Brown Daily Herald has a worthwhile series on sports and money at Brown.

John Poole said,

April 14, 2011 @ 6:47 am

Did that Georgetown mascot come from Sesame Street?

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