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Thursday News:

Here's your first bit of non-conference confirmation for the 2011-12 schedule: Princeton will play a return game at Siena. From what I hear, several of the Tigers' opponents from last season will reappear come November and December.

One web site argues it is time to send Will Venable down to the minors. Venable is hitting .191 in 94 at bats.

Georgetown sophomore Jerrelle Benimon will transfer.

The NCAA's rules committee has recommended that among their suggested changes a restricted area arc be added under the basket.

There is also a proposal that would alter the recruiting calendar once again.

Stuart Schulman said,

May 5, 2011 @ 10:38 am


Whenever you get a chance to talk to Coach Henderson (and I am still getting used to that term), I'd love to hear his philosophy on non-conference scheduling. Easier games to build confidence? Harder games to test his squad? Varies from year to year depending on the horses he's going to have? And if it varies, now that he has an idea of what he's got for next year, how hard a set of contests does he think he can afford to schedule?

Jon Solomon said,

May 5, 2011 @ 10:46 am


Beat you to it. I had already jotted something similar down in my "questions to keep on hand" document. Coach Henderson was in charge of scheduling at Northwestern, and the Wildcats' philosophy was pretty different from Coach Johnson's the last few years.

Coach Newsom handled much of the recent scheduling at Princeton and I believe the heavy lifting now falls to Coach Earl.


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