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Tuesday News:

The Robbinsville Lacrosse Association will dedicate a field in the memory of Christian "Crunch" Regulski tomorrow.

Congratulations Ian Hummer. According to Cracked Sidewalks you're the 252nd most valuable returning player in college basketball.

INC. interviews Craig Robinson.

Sydney Johnson sent a letter to friends of the Fairfield basketball program.

Here's the official press release on the hiring of Marcus Jenkins at Princeton.

Gary Walters continues to assert his touch on the athletic department.

Peter Carry said,

May 17, 2011 @ 11:37 am

It's not only the sidewalks that are cracked here. The statistical analysis doesn't yield answers that make sense. Take Columbia, where this guy's impenetrable system (at least to me) rates Brian Barbour at 76 and Agho at 998. Barbour may not be the 76th best player in the Ivy league (I exaggerate, but I doubt you'd rank him among the top 25 in the Iavies), and Agho is arguably one of the best five. At Yale Rogers is ranked 167 places ahead of Mangano. At Princeton both Darrow and Saunders outrank Davis. At Harvard, MCNally narrowly outranks Wright and way outranks Curry and Casey.

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