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Coach Mitch Henderson - 6/23/11.

New Princeton Tigers head man Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon sat down at Jadwin Gym this afternoon to tape a wide-ranging interview.

This was the first opportunity to interview Henderson at length since the day he was introduced as coach.

In the comfort of the team's Halftime Room, the pair touched on Henderson's first two months on the job, discussed the strengths of the coaching staff's new members as well as the importance of retaining Brian Earl, went through Princeton's 2011 recruits player-by-player, talked about the significance of the school's Elite Camp, revealed next season's captains, teased the 2011-12 schedule and conversed about several additional topics of great interest to any Princeton fan.

This exclusive Q&A is 28:00+ in length.

Maureen Pedersen said,

June 24, 2011 @ 12:58 pm

Great interview Jon. I liked his emphasis on players getting better over the years. Nice to hear that Doug and Patrick will be co-captains. It was wretched losing Coach Johnson, but I think ( and hope and pray!) that the program is in good hands.

Steven Postrel said,

June 30, 2011 @ 9:52 pm

Very interesting. Mitch is just a little more forthcoming than Sydney, but the similarity in themes and outlooks was striking. I also liked the emphasis on Princeton being a "development program" where players are expected to get better over their careers. And his confidence in the team and the program was encouraging--I didn't get any vibe of concern about Harvard, unlike so many commentators. Let's hope his belief is well-founded.

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