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Tuesday News:

Princeton's T.J. Bray (above) and Jimmy Sherburne are teammates back home at the Milwaukee Summer Pro-Am. Their squad currently holds a 1-3 record. Box scores for each contest:

93-86 L : 71-70 L : 103-92 L : 102-93 W

Ian Hummer is briefly mentioned a pair of times in this excellent Kenner League recap.

I hear another former Tiger great may be joining Will Barrett, Kit Mueller and Douglas Davis on Stomp Off at the DelCo Pro-Am.

MSG's Jon Rothstein spoke with Sydney Johnson about his new challenge at Fairfield.

I neglected to mention that Yale has released their 2011-12 schedule.

Jon Greenwald said,

July 19, 2011 @ 1:00 pm

I clicked on the video for the Milwaukee Summer Pro-Am, which was an interview with the Bray and Sherburne teammate, Kam Cerroni (apparently plays for Wisconsin-Green Bay), who had just scored 55 points, including 11 three-point shots, in their team's first win. Asked to explain whether his teammates were setting him up because he had a hot hand, he explained that the team "ran a lot of Princeton cuts and stuff" because of "TJ and Jimmy". The other team "had no answer for the Princeton stuff", so he kept getting (and making) open shots.

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