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Friday News:

There was a frightening melee in the fourth quarter of yesterday's exhibition between Georgetown and the Bayi Rockets. The Washington Post had a reporter on the scene describing what transpired.

John Thompson III released a statement after the game and today two Hoyas met in Shanghai with members of the team they came to blows with.

You can watch clearer resolution videos of this ugly incident from a pair of angles here and here.

Georgetown's first exhibition on their trip to China was played in front of Vice President Joe Biden.

Fairfield won the opening game of their Italian tour 89-45 over Roma Selezione.

The Stags also announced their 2011-12 non-conference schedule.

Upon signing with Aris B.C., Dan Mavraides shared a quote through his new team.

A center I had been tracking for a while because of some level of interest in Princeton during the recruiting process will attend Cal Poly.

Steven Postrel said,

August 19, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

Vdeos and the Washington Post account of the game make it seem as though the Chinese--including the referees and the crowd--were taking a provocative and antagonistic stance throughout. The Bayi team shot 50 free throws to the Hoyas' 15 in a very physical game--and the score was actually tied! I guess the "physical Big East" meme will be a source of laughter for JTIII and his players after this experience.

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