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Twitter. Not crazy about it, but trying it.

I'm the first to admit that I don't quite get Twitter, the web site built to provide real-time one line updates on your life. Many of my friends use it, and I am still convinced I don't need to know their every move.

That being said, I think Twitter might have a two-fold practical application for

1. It can tell you when there is new content added to our site.

2. It would provide the chance to send breaking updates from games - for example, last night I might have posted "Strittmatter and Ma both out with injuries" to Twitter when I got to Jadwin.

So, despite my personal reservations, I've set up a Twitter account, which can be accessed here. It is a private account, so you will need to send me an approval request to see what I'm posting.

Like the idea? Hate the idea? Have no idea what Twitter is? I'm curious to hear thoughts on how this new innovation can be best-used and if it would actually be of use.

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