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"The Field."

There was a lot of discussion in yesterday's recap of the NC State game as well as in the subsequent member comments about Princeton's need for a third consistent scoring option.

This got me thinking during the portions of the long drive back from Raleigh where I was conscious - How do the Tigers' offensive statistics look when divided into two distinct categories:

A) Ian Hummer & Douglas Davis
B) "The Field" consisting of the other 15 players on the roster.

A) 26-52 (.500)
B) 15-45 (.326)

Overall: 41-96 (.427)

A) 9-16 (.563)
B) 7-16 (.438)

Overall: 16-32 (.500)

A) 6-10 (.600)
B) 11-21 (.524)

Overall: 17-31 (.548)

A) 67 (34 for Hummer and 33 for Davis)
B) 48 (13 for Barrett and 12 for Saunders, 23 for everyone else)

Overall: 115

This data isn't shocking to anyone who has watched Princeton's first two games of the 2011-12 season, but it is a touch more jarring to see these splits laid out.

Needless to say, Davis and Hummer are the only players to reach double figures in each game.

larry said,

November 18, 2011 @ 12:44 pm

This cut from the NC State game report leaves little doubt where the coaches are looking: Henderson knows the answer to this question. “It’s Brendan,” he stated candidly. “We have confidence in Brendan to be a good player for us. But Brendan at some point he has to own those moves. They have to be his moves.”

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