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Coach Mitch Henderson - 11/29/11.

While the Princeton JV and the Hun School played in the background, Tigers head coach Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon sat in the bleachers at Jadwin Gym to record a conversation.

Henderson and Solomon reviewed the Tigers' three games during the Legends Classic subregional at Bucknell before previewing tomorrow night's final home contest of 2011 versus Lafayette. The pair concluded by discussing how Princeton will take advantage of a week off between games.

This exclusive Q&A is 10:00+ in length.

If you have questions for future interviews, please feel free to send them here.

Jon Solomon said,

November 29, 2011 @ 9:58 pm

Two additional things:

1. Chris Clement, Daniel Edwards, Bobby Garbade and Brian Fabrizius were all suited up for the first JV game of the season. I saw Clay Wilson putting on a uniform as well but he hadn't been in when I left at halftime (Princeton was down five, 29-24).

2. A corrupted audio file brought me back to Jadwin this second time on Wednesday to re-record the interview Henderson and I first taped in the afternoon. I very much appreciated his willingness to get this done and I curse my digital recorder for the stress it caused me.


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