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Lafayette pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy David Goldsmith.

Douglas Davis brings the ball up.

Ian Hummer.

T.J. Bray.

Will Barrett.

Mack Darrow.

Denton Koon.

Davis drops a pass into the corner.

Hummer drives inside.

Barrett throws it down.

Darrow tries a righty hook.

A breakaway layup for Davis.

Hummer pushes the pace.

Steven Postrel said,

December 1, 2011 @ 4:52 pm

Nice pictures. I especially like the DD semi-no-look pass. Ian Hummer looks like the immovable object holding the ball in the post. And a nice shot of Barrett's jam.

I guess these are the last white-jersey pics we can expect for a while. Good thing black is always in fashion.

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