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TCNJ pictures.

Photos from today's game courtesy Robert Solomon.

Down to one crutch but still wearing a boot on his right foot, Will Barrett chats with Director of Basketball Operations Kendrick Saunders.

Pregame huddle.

Ian Hummer vies for the opening tip.

Douglas Davis.

Mack Darrow looks to pass falling backwards.

Coaches Marcus Jenkins, Mitch Henderson and Brian Earl watch the action.

T.J. Bray calls for the ball in the post.

The ordinarily two-legged Chris Clement, one of 11 Tigers to see first half minutes.

Connolly looks up at a shot of his on the rim.

Ian Hummer pushes up a shot.

Davis on defense.

Denton Koon.

Jimmy Sherburne with the ball.

Ben Hazel.

Bray on defense.

A defender slips and Hummer has the baseline.

Clay Wilson.

John Comfort with a head of steam.

Bobby Garbade, who scored his first two collegiate baskets.

Davis is contemplative on the bench.

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