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With Labor Day already fading in the rear view, I'm making 2012-13 site subscriptions available now.

Current subscribers don't need to panic about renewing until 9/30/12, but if you want to sign up for another season of coverage early, I'm not going to stop you!

Those who choose to sign up for the 2012-13 campaign get site access from now until October 2013 free at no additional charge. That's 13 months of for the price of a traditional calendar year. Not bad.

Finally, I've again created unique coupon codes for any and all students (high school, college, graduate school, etc) that are interested in joining the family. If you email me I can provide you with a code that automatically generates a discount of 50% off our $30 annual membership fee.

There will be a proper, full fundraising appeal in late September explaining who we are, what we do and why your support is needed (you can read the 2011 appeal by clicking here) but I wanted to give those eager to get a jump on next season the opportunity to stay within the fold immediately and those who have missed out on a summer of copious unique content the chance to get caught up before the season is upon us.


Jon Solomon

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