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Items I've been meaning to scan.

A friend donated a stack of contributions for my Princeton basketball collection. While they've been sitting at the front of my home since before I drove down to James Madison, I didn't get a chance to scan them until today.

Click on any and all images to enlarge.

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Kareem Maddox joins an exclusive group.

With his 30 points on Sunday against Siena, Kareem Maddox became just the ninth Princeton player in the three point shot era to reach this elusive total.

As the Princeton athletic department pointed out, Maddox is also the first player since Kit Mueller in 1990 to go for 30 without converting a three pointer.

Mueller had 14 baskets and four free throws. Maddox's line was 10 field goals, 10 free throws.

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Princeton Tigers on Twitter?

While Princetonians haven't taken to Twitter with the same zeal of their conference rivals at Cornell and Harvard or the constantly-posting Hoyas of Georgetown, there are still a decent number of former, current and future Tigers using this popular real time micro-blogging service.

I've assembled a comprehensive list of orange and black Twitter users after the jump. If you know of anyone I'm missing, please let me know and I'll add them to the list ASAP. Many of these accounts are inactive or rarely used, but click away.

While you're networking socially you can always follow this site on the Twitter.

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Reunions 2003 montage.

I completely forgot that I shot and edited this montage for the Friends of Princeton Basketball from Reunions 2003 of the alumni basketball games at Jadwin Gym.

Pictured at different junctures: John Thompson III, Kyle Wente, Ray Robins, Pete Hegseth, Steve Goodrich (with platinum blonde hair!), Jerry Price, Ahmed El-Nokali, Chris Doyal, Jim Lane, Frank Sowinski, Nate Walton, Stu Orefice, Jason Osier, Stan Adleston, Sean Gregory, Gabe Lewullis, Rich Simkus, John Trubee, Christopher Kilburn-Peterson, Jamie Mastaglio, Brian Earl and many others I can't as easily ID.

...and we're back?

After an exceptionally frustrating 30+ hour ordeal where our service provider caused numerous databases to go screwy and took this site's functionality down to "non-existant," everything appears to be working as it should.


I apologize for a lack of updates in the back half of this week, but a jam-packed Saturday News awaits subscribers tomorrow.

For your patience, enjoy a photo you almost certainly have never seen before: Gabe Lewullis, Chris Doyal and Steve Goodrich after the final buzzer at the RCA Dome taken by the staff photographer of the Indianapolis Star for their March 15, 1996 edition.

Friday News:

Dana O'Neil of has a "Where Are They Now?" piece about Gabe Lewullis and Steve Goodrich.

You can now follow the Oregon State men's basketball team on Twitter.

New Sixers head coach Eddie Jordan is trying to sell the Philadelphia media on the "Princeton offense."

Three schedule cards.

Steve Goodrich on the front of the 1997-98 pocket schedule card.

Gabe Lewullis was pictured on the following season's card.

Here's Konrad Wysocki from a slightly wider fold-out schedule card printed six years ago.

Chaos in Indianapolis.

Another dinner at my parents' house, another picture to share...

The above scan is of a print of a photograph taken by my father, Robert Solomon, in the moments after Princeton defeated UCLA at the RCA Dome in 1996. Click to enlarge.

Look for Chris Doyal at halfcourt, Sydney Johnson with (perhaps) Coach Carril being interviewed by CBS in the bottom right and Mitch Henderson, Steve Goodrich, Sean Gregory, Jesse Rosenfeld, Jason Osier and others in front of the flag-waving Tiger cheerleaders on the left.

Seniors on a Stick: 1998.

There are lots of reasons to go to Shabbat dinner at my parents' house. Have you tried my mom's challah, for example? Besides spending time eating and laughing (and eating) with family and loved ones, there's also slowly but surely bringing classic Seniors on a Stick home, taking photos of them and putting those snapshots on-line.

On the eve of the start of Ivy League play, with a month of Friday nights spent at basketball gyms instead of around the dining room table forthcoming, enjoy these posters from the final home game of the 1997-98 season.

Steve Goodrich.

James Mastaglio.

Darren Hite.

Sean Gregory.

Mitch Henderson.

All Seniors on a Stick printed and distributed by The 14 Club.

ESPN's Top 30 Plays Of The Last 30 Seasons.

Steve Goodrich to Gabe Lewullis makes ESPN's Top 30 Plays Of The Last 30 Seasons.

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