inicio mail me! sindicaci;ón began as a series of carbon copied emails between five individuals during the 1997-98 Princeton basketball season. As word slowly spread and more fans of the Princeton Tigers asked to have these emails forwarded to their inboxes, a need for an automated mailing list developed. On April 28th, 1998, the automated version of "Princeton Basketball News" was launched through The web site followed shortly thereafter. This site is provided to the Internet community as a free service and is not affiliated with Princeton University or the Princeton athletic department.

About the editor:

Jon Solomon was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey. When he was in eigth grade, during the 1986-87 Ivy League basketball season, he started going to Princeton basketball games on a regular basis. From that season forward, Jon was hooked on a world of high posts and hard cuts. Solomon is a 1995 graduate of Northwestern University and an honorary classmate of the Princeton University class of 1976. His writing has appeared in Philadelphia City Paper, Princeton Alumni Weekly and the Town Topics. Jon would like to let you know that he has a very small vertical leap and can hardly go to his left but he sets solid screens and can hit the open three.

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