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Thursday News:

The NCAA has recognized Princeton and four other Ivy League men's basketball teams for "their exceptional work in the classroom as part of the NCAA’s academic performance program." Northwestern was also one of the 37 programs honored. You can see the 2009-10 Public Recognition Awards organized by school here.

The NCAA has also released 2009-10 Division I attendance numbers by school and by conference. Did you know the Ivy League saw an average increase of 182 people per game last season compared to a national DI change in average of -147?

Video of Will Venable and Tony Gwynn, Jr. playing a friendly game of P-I-G. Here's another clip, this of Venable making a full extension dive for a catch against the Astros.

Padres announcer Dick Enberg talks with Chris Young as part of his "Inside the Clubhouse" series.

Wednesday News:

A second MRI confirmed a shoulder strain for Chris Young. He will be re-evaluated in a handful of weeks.

Padres announcer Dick Enberg talked with CBS-8 in San Diego. One of his stories was about how Young gave him a game ball autographed by the team after an Spring Training win.

Back in February, we reported that Bill Bradley would be honored by the NABC with their Court of Honor Award. The gala event is on Monday night, and you can find all the details here.

The Carroll County Times and Frederick News Post have pieces on Robert Burke's hiring at Mount St. Mary's.

If you were at Bob Ruxin's excellent reception after the Princeton/Harvard game, you would have noticed an exceptionally tall high school student there as part of of the Milton Academy basketball team. While the Tigers were one of his potential collegiate destinations, he will instead play for Boston College, Steve Donahue's first official recruit.

A 6'10" sophomore center from Illinois has Princeton on his lengthy list of prospective schools.

Northwestern will host Georgia Tech in the 2010 Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

Sean Gregory interviews Ice Cube.

Robert Burke press conference excerpt.

Coach Burke has kind words for Joe Scott and John Thompson III in this excerpt from today's introductory press conference at Mount St. Mary's.

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Details on the 2010-11 home schedule?

I accidentally stumbled across a series of listings for 2010-11 Princeton athletic events on-line. Included in that calendar were three home men's basketball games and dates for all six weekend Ivy League contests at Jadwin Gym.

Assuming that this information published on a Princeton University web site is correct, a potential taste of the 2010-11 schedule can be found after the jump!

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Richmond recruit highlights.

Clips of the Spiders' class of 2010. They'll be joined by Atlantic 10 Player of the Year Kevin Anderson, who has taken his name out of the NBA Draft pool and will return to Richmond for his senior season.

Friday News:

Here's the official press release on Mount St. Mary's hiring of Robert Burke. A press conference will be held on Monday at 2:00 pm ET to introduce the Mountaineers' new coach.

The 17-11 Padres are being patient with Will Venable, who is hitting .233 after 86 at bats. At least a cheat sheet is serving Venable well on the basepaths, where he has seven steals.

Listen to audio of Craig Robinson's recent appearance on Chicago Public Radio.

Robinson is also the subject of piece in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Denver held their men's basketball banquet on Wednesday night.

Gelf Magazine interviews "Outside The Limelight" author Kathy Orton.

Back in September we reported that Princeton head coach Sydney Johnson would serve on an 18 person task force to review university/eating club relationships at Princeton. The findings have been published and you can read them here (.pdf).

Robert Burke to coach Mount St. Mary's.

CBS Sportsline and Fox Sports are both reporting that former Princeton and Georgetown assistant Robert Burke has been hired as the new men's basketball coach at Mount St. Mary's.

Burke was on the sidelines alongside John Thompson III at Princeton from 2000-2004 and at Georgetown from 2004-2009 before leaving the Hoyas without explanation. This past season he was an assistant coach at American University.

The Mountaineers went 16-15 last season, 12-6 in the NEC.

Chris Young trading card.

While Chris Young remains frustrated by a mysteriously sore shoulder that continues to keep him on the DL, I'm not going to let that stop me from posting the first in a series of CY trading cards I won on eBay (a stack of nine different cards for a whopping $0.59 total).

This is #404 from Topps' 2009 throwback Heritage series.

Click here to enjoy our complete trading card series with classic images from Brian Taylor, Geoff Petrie and more.


When I wrote last week about my first Ivy road trip, I had difficulty recalling details about this game.

Thankfully, a copy of the Daily Princetonian from the Monday after the Tigers clinched the 1988-89 Ivy League title turned up.

Reading faded newsprint about tidbits long since forgotten (who knew a freshman Matt Eastwick scored 10 first half points?), an unexpected answer to a series of iconic images was buried towards the end of this article.

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Monday News:

Columbia has selected Kyle Smith from St. Mary's as their new head coach. Smith is close with Richmond coach Chris Mooney, as they were both assistants at Air Force under Joe Scott in 2000-01.

When Smith was up for the Hawaii job in March, Mooney said Smith "is the smartest man in college basketball. I think he has the best feel and overview of basketball programs and coaching of anyone I've ever met." High praise.

All eight Ivy coaching positions are now filled.

Columbia - Kyle Smith (2010)
Dartmouth - Paul Cormier (2010)
Cornell - Bill Courtney (2010)
Penn - Jerome Allen (2010)
Brown - Jesse Agel (2008)
Princeton - Sydney Johnson (2007)
Harvard - Tommy Amaker (2007)
Yale - James Jones (1999)

Sunday's rehab start by Chris Young in San Antonio went poorly. Young allowed five earned runs, surrendered four straight walks and could not make it out of the first inning.

Those of you with access to Princeton Alumni Weekly's Class Notes should check out the piece on page 36 about Class of '35 scholarship holder and Tiger freshman center Brendan Connolly.

Here's video from Craig Robinson's most recent appearance on Jim Rome Is Burning.

Robinson is also the subject of pieces in the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Barometer.

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