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Coach Mitch Henderson - 1/27/12.

As a serious downpour fell on Jadwin Gym this morning, Tigers head coach Mitch Henderson and editor Jon Solomon met courtside to tape a conversation for the 10th time this season.

Henderson and Solomon reviewed the split of Princeton's pre-exam break trip to Cornell and Columbia in detail, updated Douglas Davis' condition, discussed how the coaching staff has utilized the previous two weeks, previewed Monday's important game at Penn and talked about Will Barrett's departure.

This exclusive Q&A is 14:00+ in length.

If you have questions for future interviews, please feel free to send them here.

Steven Postrel said,

January 27, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

Interesting interview. You weren't kidding about the downpour, which made quite a soundtrack.

I hope the commitment to running the offense through Ian in the post doesn't preclude having him move without the ball (and maybe get a back screen from a teammate covered by a smaller defender). When he just tries to set up on the block and the defense sags and then collapses upon receipt of the entry pass, it seems like at best the team is getting kick-out three attempts. I'd like to see them mix it up a little and preserve the flow of the offense. It also might be good to have TJ post the heck out of Rosen or Cartwright--I don't think they're likely to excel at post defense.

And given the successful ball-denial strategy on Barbour last game, why should the Tigers concede that Rosen will get 90 out of 100 dribbles for Penn? Get the ball out of his hands and shadow him all over the floor--that gets both him and his teammates into unfamiliar roles and increases the difficulties for their offense. Of course, MH would be unlikely to reveal that plan in an interview, but if he's faking out the Quakers he did a good job--he sounded pretty sincere.

Jon Solomon said,

January 27, 2012 @ 9:28 pm


It sounded at times like we were being chased by a freight engine. I had to borrow a towel from the halftime room before the interview I got so soaked walking to the court from the parking lot.

Posting Bray is a decent suggestion.

Was discussing back channel with someone about who Davis guards out of Rosen / Bernardini / Cartwright. Will be curious to see how it plays out.


George Clark said,

January 28, 2012 @ 10:08 am

I hope DD's back problem that affected him at Columbia has been resolved. I hope he takes a bunch of three's Monday because I love our chances when he gets hot. He has had a knack for making the big shot when it's needed most, either to kick start a rally, or to take the momentum away from the other guys. You know he'll be looking to say farewell to the Palestra in a way the Quakers won't soon forget. I will be surprised if he gets Rosen at the defensive end because he's not our best option there and whoever draws that assignment will have to use a lot of energy. I look for a lot of match-up substitutions as Henderson done effectively lately to keep fresh legs in the game on defense. Did anybody watch Yale-Harvard last night? I was very surprised that Yale played so sloppily, making far too many unforced errors. Harvard played well, of course, but not THAT well.

Jon Solomon said,

January 28, 2012 @ 10:13 am

Davis has never played spectacularly at the Palestra. eight points as a freshman, nine as a junior and the only scoreless game of his career as a sophomore.


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