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Monday News:

Today belongs to the student newspapers. Coverage of the weekend's games can be found in the Daily Princetonian, the Cornell Sun and the Columbia Spectator.

Andy Katz mentions Princeton's 4-0 Ivy start in his Weekly Watch on

SportsProf checks in after the second full Ivy weekend.

Yesterday I noted that Will Barrett was one of 1,500 national finalists for McDonalds All-American status. Well, three other Princeton recruits are also on the list (.pdf) - Gus Gabel, Jimmy Sherburne and Ian Hummer. Congratulations, all.

Following up on a story from Saturday, more on Barrett's Central Bucks South team winning the Suburban One Continental Conference.

While we're talking about recruiting, here's mention of a stocky 6'2" Brazilian who says Princeton is "at the top of his list."

Richmond (11-12) lost in triple overtime to St. Louis. Lack of offensive and defensive execution at the end of each period hurt the Spiders.

An interview with Denver Pioneer Nate Rohnert, who leads his team in points, rebounds, assists and steals.

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