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Scans from a 1980 program.

No, it isn't your monitor.

As I mentioned last month, a subscriber handed me a stack of late 1970s and early 1980s Princeton basketball programs, which I'll be scanning portions of as time allows. The plan was to do one program every seven days, but I missed last week's scheduled scan in lieu of this incredible archive of David Zeft's photographs.

Seeing how we're on the brink of this year's Dartmouth/Harvard weekend, the latest review is of a program from the same visit by these northern travel partners in 1980. That's Randy Melville on the reverse halftone cover. A curious design decision to say the least...

Click on select pictures to enlarge. Check out the site's extensive Programs category for past scans.

Many of the stock images in this program are the same as in other editions I've posted, but I believe Pete Carril being labeled "the so-called 'Columbo' of the coaching ranks" is a first.

Joining Carril and Tony Relvas on the Princeton coaching staff this season was former Tiger Mickey Steuerer.

Senior captain Johnny Rogers. It is a shame he wasn't able to put that Economics degree to good use.

Junior guard Dave Blatt.

Randy Melville. You'll see his son suit up for Dartmouth at Jadwin tonight.

Neil Christel at Rutgers.

A weekend preview. Click to enlarge.

A profile of Steve Mills. Click to enlarge.

Steve Mills' action photo.

The late Paul Friedman, after whom the team's Paul Richard Friedman award is named.

An ad for postgame haunt Andy's Tavern.

Team photo. Click to enlarge.

Princeton swept this pair of games to move to 10-1 in the Ivy League after starting their season 2-11 out of conference. Dartmouth went down 34-28 and Harvard fell 68-56, a win that pulled the Tigers' overall record up to 13-13.

On Saturday night Randy Melville hit for a career high 26 points on 11-20 shooting.

A late technical foul against Crimson head coach Frank McLaughlin deflated a final Harvard rally. You can see the original Daily Princetonian report here.

Penn would win a one game playoff 50-49 at Lafayette on a deep jumper with :11 left to earn the Ivy's NCAA Tournament bid.

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