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Coach Joe Scott - 11/7/06.

interview audio - 28:07

In their first sit-down interview of the season, editor Jon Solomon and men's basketball coach Joe Scott met at Jadwin Gym on Tuesday morning to talk about the start of the 2006-2007 season.

Some of the topics discussed include:

-How to carry over the success of February and March into November and beyond.

-Did returning players do what was expected of them by the coaches over the summer?

-The alumni scrimmage.

-How this scrimmage compared to Princeton's scrimmage against St. Francis (N.Y.)

-If Coach Scott has settled on a starting five for this weekend's games.

-Marcus Schroeder's responsibilities.

-Edwin Buffmire's role on this team.

-Team speed.

-If changes to Princeton's admissions policies will effect recruiting.

-Voting in the ESPN Poll.

-How Princeton basketball has changed in the twenty years since Coach Scott's senior season.

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