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Pete Carril's poem about George Boccanfuso.

A reader of this site sent me a heavy box yesterday full of Princeton media guides and related ephemera from the previous 20 years. For that I am quite appreciative.

There were a few editions inside that I didn't already own, namely 1993-94 and 1994-95.

Flipping through those years I noticed a portion of each guide I wanted to reproduce and for starters I'll share something from the first's "Unsung Heroes" page, where Pete Carril pays tribute to former Princeton Supervisor of Grounds and Buildings George "Georgie Buck" Boccanfuso.

Boccanfuso, as you may well know, worked at the university from 1947 until his retirement in 1989 but continues to show up every morning at Jadwin Gym to make sure the building is running as it should.

Carril offers a poem that he wrote, which I've reproduced after the jump.

Our Man Buck
There once was a guy named Buck,
Was always around when teams needed luck.
Fields needed seeding, courts needed cleaning,
Clocks weren't working, lights were blinking,
Panic was everywhere, mayhem was extreme,
But a call to Buck made everything peaceful and serene.
He seeded the fields, cleaned the courts,
Fixed the clocks, turned on the lights and iced the rink,
Just when everything appeared lost and out of sync.
Buck to the rescue, he averted the brink.
He retired one day, while kids were at play,
He bowed out with grace, saying good luck from Georgie Buck,
Coaches and players may come and go,
But everyone knows that Buck ran the show.

                                                                            - Pete Carril

Dennis Murphy said,

April 6, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

Nice tribute from one great man to another!

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